What is the next big thing in manufacturing?

It is widely accepted that advances in technology will feature heavily in future developments in the manufacturing industry with robotics becoming more and more commonplace in factories and laboratories across the globe. Even though this means that the need for a large human workforce will no longer be necessary, the speed and accuracy that using robotics gives entices many manufacturers to invest in this technology to bring their company up to date.

3D printing is one of the advances that is becoming prevalent in the manufacturing environment, and we can now make things with 3D printing that we would never have thought possible a decade ago. 3D printing technological innovations which include mass-produced customised items and components, amongst other things, will revolutionise the manufacturing market and future developments concerning 3D printed food are exciting to see.

Another important development that is in the pipeline for the manufacturing industry is the invention of new energy solutions to provide the power needed in a manufacturing environment. Continued advances in the design and manufacturing of batteries to store produced energy as well as innovations in nuclear power and green hydrogen will benefit the manufacturing sector by saving money and make companies more competitive in the world manufacturing markets.