What Are Balustrade Wires and When Should You Use Them?

Balustrade wires are one material that is commonly used and have many different purposes for homes and businesses across the United Kingdom. Let’s delve deeper into what a balustrade wire is and when we should be using them.

What Are Balustrade Wires?

Balustrade wires tend to be made from stainless steel. This material is then commonly twisted into a rope to provide extra strength and bring more uses for the material. You will find the balustrade rope wire is made to measure. Meaning no matter what size you need, it will be able to be provided to you. Typically a balustrade wire will be paired with stainless steel poles, especially when used on its own as a barrier, this is to provide extra security.

When Should We Use Balustrade Wire?

As mentioned before, wire balustrade has multiple uses. Let’s look at what some of the main uses are.

One of the most common uses for this material is as a barrier, mostly for outdoor projects for example the edging of decking or stairways. Commercial properties can also benefit from using this material in high-risk areas to help prevent injuries from occurring.

What Are The Benefits of Balustrade Wires?

Finally, we want to discuss the main benefits of balustrade wires. The reasons you should consider making the investment and using this for your project.

Clear View – One of the main benefits when choosing to use this material is your view will remain clear. Some of the safety barriers you can invest in completely obstruct the view and make it impossible to see through them. With balustrade wire, you can see between the rope. There is only a small amount of obstruction, making it one of the best options.

Additional Safety – Another benefit is the additional safety it will provide. As these are typically used in high-risk and dangerous areas, by creating a barrier you will be providing additional safety. This makes for a safer working area for employees or an area for children to play safely.

Design Freedom – Unlike of products, when choosing balustrade wire, you have more design freedom. As these pieces of wire rope are made to measure, it makes it possible for them to be created to fit any design. No matter what size you need you to have the flexibility. Even so, they can be used for different shapes to make intricate designs within your garden or workplace.

Minimal Maintenance – The final benefit is how minimal the maintenance is for this product. They require very little care, yet are still long-lasting and hardwearing. It is unlikely they will need to be repaired or cared for in the long run. We recommend keeping them clean to reduce the risk of rust, but this is minimal compared to other options on the market.

It’s the point where the decision comes down to you. When you have to decide what you want to do and what will work best for your home or commercial property.