What is Laser Engraving Equipment and Why Should you Own it?

Many companies make use of laser engraving processes and laser cutting processes as part of their everyday activity. This is commonplace for UK businesses, where there is a great deal of manufacturing and lots of creative, design and technology-based businesses making a very good living for themselves. In order to complete these processes, laser engraving equipment is going to be required. These can be highly sophisticated piece of equipment that will serve you will into the future, giving you the opportunity to carry out all your own processes in house and make the most of technology. It can also help you save money in the long run as well! There is lots to think about, so here, we are discussing some of the most important points relating to laser cutting and engraving equipment, its benefits, and why you should think about ownership rather than outsourcing.

Laser engraving machines – Co2 lasers 

The most popular type of laser engraving machine is the Co2 cutting machine. This uses a laser to engrave and also cut materials like wood, acrylic, paper, card, fabric and certain types of thin sheet metal. There are many different types of Co2 laser machine, so it is perfectly possible to find one that will suit your business and will fall within your budget, whatever that might be.

Co2 laser machines also come in lots of different sizes, meaning you can find something to suit your floorspace. Don’t be put off by the technicality of these machines – in reality, they are very simple to use.

Who uses laser engraving equipment? 

Anybody can make use of a laser engraving machine if they have the need for it within their business. Some of the most common ways to use laser engraving machines are:

  • For bespoke jewellery designs
  • To make architectural prototypes
  • To engrave glass
  • Within the education sector, such as DT lessons
  • As a part of a craft project
  • In pyrography
  • For wooden engraving

If you fall into any of these categories, you could very much make use of an engraving machine.

Why own an engraving machine? 

If you regularly use laser engraving processes as part of your business, it could be much easier to have your own machine on your premises. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It saves time. You won’t have to brief in projects to somebody else.
  • It can save you money. The machine will cost a lot initially but over time, it can save you significant amounts of money.
  • You have complete control over quality. All processes take place in house, so you know they will come out well.

Things to think about when investing in laser technology 

A laser purchase is not something to be taken lightly. The main thing to factor in is cost, though many laser suppliers will be happy to offer you a payment plan. Space is another important consideration – make sure you have enough of it and get the installation professional to come and measure up beforehand. You will need to have people trained in laser design and operation – if this isn’t the case, think about training options now.