Using Furniture Movers to Improve Safety

Furniture movers are used to transport heavy loads easily, saving people having to move them by hand. This is a much more efficient way of carrying loads, and it’s safer as well, adhering to good health and safety. These are the kinds of things that businesses should be thinking about and that will help you to meet you own health and safety goals for your company. It will greatly reduce the risk of injury, from people lifting loads that are too heavy for them, or lifting them incorrectly. It will also help to prevent injuries that might occur from lifting heavy loads repeatedly over a number of days, months or years. All in all, furniture movers make your life easier.

How are furniture movers safer than lifting by hand?

Furniture movers will help people to transport loads that are bulky, awkward or heavy. This makes the transportation of these loads safer, because people won’t be straining to move them and risking injuring themselves. If you have heavy loads to move, you should really think about using furniture movers. It’s something that your staff will really appreciate, as it will help them to feel safer at work. It’s very easy for people to perform lifts incorrectly in a working environment, especially if they haven’t been given adequate training. Even with the right training, moving or bending in the wrong way could cause serious injury. Furniture movers mitigate this risk and make lifting processes much safer. 

What are the different kinds of furniture movers? Which ones are safest?

  • Corner movers. There are four corners on wheels that are used to support the load and move it easily. This is one of the more basic types of furniture mover.
  • Mechanical jacks. The loads will be jacked up off the floor, so it doesn’t have to be lifted by hand ahead of transporting it.
  • Trolleys. Similar to corner movers, trolleys help move loads from place to place once they have been loaded on.
  • Hydraulic furniture movers. Loads are lifted hydraulically, making it much easier to load them, lower them down and transport them. These usually come as a pair.

It is difficult to categorically state which type of furniture mover is the safest. This is because they are all designed to move different kinds of loads. If you were to use a furniture lifter that doesn’t have the right capacity to move a large table, it wouldn’t be a safe option – but it might be the safest option to move a smaller load. You must understand furniture movers, how they should be used and use your knowledge to make an informed decision.

Exercising caution when using furniture movers

Furniture movers are used to lift heavy loads, and they might often be loads that are too heavy to lift by hand as well. This means you are working with very heavy loads that could be dangerous, so you need to exercise caution at all times. People using furniture movers must be fully trained and understand the health and safety behind using movers.