The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Many garage doors now boast good insulation and better rates of thermal performance. If, however, thermal performance is the key factor in choosing a new garage door, you should opt for insulated garage doors. These are designed in such a way as to create the best possible insulation, helping to make a garage a more consistent temperature. This is important if you use your garage as an extension of the home, for example, as a gym, workshop or training area. It’s also important if your garage is attached to your home because you don’t want cold air coming from outside your garage to come into your house.

The other important factor to consider is the fitting of the door. You need your garage door to be fitted by an expert, so that it doesn’t have any holes of gaps. This prevents draughts from coming in due to having an ill-fitting door in place.

There are five main types of insulated garage door you can choose from. Here are their main features and benefits to help you decide on the kind that might be appropriate for your property:

  • Sectional garage doors. These are made up of steel panels that have excellent thermal properties. The doors are fitted into a frame that is weathersealed to ensure that this too is highly insulated. There are steel double sinned sections making up the door, and these have a foam central core to form even better insulation. There are also options for commercial doors of this type.
  • Aluminium doors. An aluminium door will rise vertically in a similar way to the sectional door. There are also built in weatherseals within the door tracks. Aluminium is a light, attractive material that will be a great addition to your home and garage, as well as keeping it warm.
  • Round the corner or side sectional doors. These open to the side and go around the inside of the building, so there will need to be space for this. They still take up less space than an up and over door though, and they will be much better insulated. They have a sleek and modern appearance, or could be designed with a woodgrain finish for a more traditional aesthetic.
  • Side hinged doors. Made up of 40mm double skinned steel panels. The frame has built in seals and there is a double rebated leaf. They are perfect for creating a traditional aesthetic, somewhat like a barn door. Yet at the same time they are still highly thermal and will give great performance.
  • Overlap trackless sectional up and over doors. There are no internal tracks on this door, and the door will rise up and split so that one panel is at the bottom. It is made from double skinned timber or steel panels and has rubber seals. It is a well insulated alternative to the usual up and over or canopy doors.

There is also a wide range of insulated entrance doors on the market. The main thing to remember is to get them all fitted professionally, as good insulation relies on proper installation.