Stay safe when working at height

Working in the construction industry involves many different responsibilities and it may be that you will be required to work at height at some point, so it is important to be aware of the regulations concerning this matter and to make sure that you are adhering to these in order to minimise any risks to your safety.

To clarify, working at height means working in any place that without precautions you could fall any distance and suffer personal injury. It is essential that it is understood that this need not necessarily be from a great height and may be due to using an unsafe ladder or because of an insubstantial surface below.

All work at height should be planned and organised carefully and the correct equipment should always be used for the job. A risk assessment should be carried out and any risks minimised as much as possible. Employers need to provide harnesses for work requiring them and insist that employees use them when working at heights, as necessary.

Appropriate guidance is available online from the Health and Safety Executive about the correct use of ladders and whether scaffolding with a work platform is required instead for some tasks, so it is important to know the circumstances where this applies.