Some Factors that can Affect Productivity

With any manufacturing process, you want to ensure that you’re able to produce as much high-quality product as possible, in the shortest period of time you can. This is a significant challenge for any owner or manager. Overcoming it can lead to growth of profits and growth in business size, giving you the capability produce yet more. It’s a cycle of productivity that benefits everyone. These are some of the key things that can stand in your way:

  • Human error. Any process that is operated by human beings is subject to human error. Ensure that all staff are fully trained and fully competent to minimise this risk.
  • Staff motivation levels. The staff you employ need to be motivated to do their job well. If not, you will find that your team is under performing. Make sure your staff feel valued and are given fair pay and benefits.
  • Processes. Consider updating your processes and conduct reviews on a regular basis. The world of manufacturing is ever-changing, so keep abreast of it.
  • Materials. Are you using the right materials for the job? Don’t cut corners here. Using cheaper materials is a false economy – they might damage machinery and your finished products will end up with a reputation for poor quality.
  • Machinery. Automate as many processes as you can to increase productivity. Have your machines checked regularly and make sure you know how to look after and maintain them properly.