Protect your invention by applying for a patent

If you think you have come up with an invention that you are certain no one else has developed it is important that you do some research into applying for a patent as you could have invented a product that could make you a lot of money and if you are not careful your idea could be stolen by someone else.

The government website has a whole section on applying for a patent with guidance about what you can and cannot patent. It is interesting reading as some types of invention that you would expect were patented are not in fact such as a method of medical treatment or diagnosis.

Once you are sure that you can apply for a patent for your particular invention by checking the register of published patents you can begin the process. Unfortunately, it is an expensive process costing approximately four thousand pounds and can take a number of years however if you have invented something that will eventually make you a profit it may be worth the investment.

It is vitally important to get a non-disclosure agreement in place before you discuss your invention with anyone else thus avoiding theft of your invention from a third party. Employing the services of a trustworthy solicitor is certainly a wise option.