New Improved Features Of The Mimic Display Panels

When it comes to display charts and the likes in different industries, one has to admit that there advancement of technology that will ideally replace mimic panels is not available. Due to this fact, the importance of having a working direct representation of what is on the ground is important. As a technological feature that is complemented well with the use of PC in various industries, the panels have overtime been of great advantage hence the need to invest in one in various industries, however just what is it.

What really are mimic panels?

Mimic panels as the name suggests are representation of what is on the ground on a pictorial form. It is ideally an appropriate representation of a broad sector of industries that especially deals with electrical symbols and switch gear panels of various industries. The mimic panel is used as a quick aid in identifying various alert factors in a specific industry and pinpointing the exact location of issues. This same concept is used in other industries like security business to pinpoint which alarm building has been activated.

Unique features of the mimic display panels

Even though the panels have ideally not seen a great evolution in terms of technology, some form of improvement on their overall design has been noted in the past decade. The pictorial representation and the low charts are nowadays printed on polyester or polycarbonate sheets. For protection an acrylic feature has been added on the front. To aid with easy viewing and identification of alert features, bright LED lights are incorporated in the design and have a viewing distance of 100 meters.

Improvements noted

Unfortunately even with the best of practical designs of the mimic panels, previous designs exposed a short coming in the design that led to false alert features. This shortcoming was especially pinpointed to the back feature that picked up vibration features from various surroundings leading to false alert and representation of the actual site. to deal with this the panels are now made with vibration resistant back layer and abrasion resistant over layer, this is especially complemented by the composite panel back feature that is ideally a cutout fixed on the control desk in accordance with corresponding size. With this feature it easier to monitor the ongoing of a business entity from a specific location with utmost accuracy.

Application and advantages of the panels

  1. Saves time

With the super bright LED lights incorporated in the design it becomes increasingly easy to pinpoint alert features especially in cases of emergency alerts without having to approach the panel itself. This saves on time and allows the personnel monitoring to save time and aid in solution features.

  1. Different options

Different options are available with the use of the panels. This includes

  • Mimic only feature
  • Mimic that is mounted on control desk
  • Panel mounted mimic
  • And mimic that is supplied alongside bare panel

With these choices available it is easier to choose one that works best for a particular industry in order to get the very best of its design

  1. Accuracy

With the various upgrades especially in regards to vibration resistant back and the inclusion of a protection membrane, one can count on the accuracy of the pictorial representation. This feature is hence used in different industries like hospitals, security business, food processing units, automotive, hotels, schools and hospitals to aid in pinpointing specific area of alert trigger for fast delivery of aid and service.