Maintain air compressors to reduce breakdowns

Many industries need to use compressed air for a variety of applications, and it is essential that regular maintenance of the compressor is carried out to avoid costly breakdowns. A maintenance schedule is important to establish so that this task does not get overlooked as some maintenance will need to be undertaken daily, weekly or annually.

Some types of compressors will need the oil level checking daily, for example a piston compressor uses oil to run so will need the oil topping up on a regular basis. The cylinder that is situated underneath or alongside the compressor, called the receiver, usually has a drain valve that needs opening at least weekly to drain any water or oil out however some modern compressors do this automatically thus reducing the need for intervention. The compressor air fittings and pipes should all be checked for leaks on a daily basis as the cost of leaked air can be high to the company.

It is essential that any air compressor has an annual health check which involves draining out the oil and replacing it with new oil, inspecting air filters and replacing them if necessary, checking and replacing worn belts and finally inspecting receivers for any signs of wear.