Lasers in the Manufacturing Process

Lasers are important pieces of equipment in the manufacturing process, and they have all kinds of capabilities that can be utilised. They can be used in the manufacture of many different large scale and small scale products, fulfilling various purposes throughout the process. Here are some of the top ways in which lasers might be utilised:

  • Welding. Lasers can be used for welding quickly and efficiently, much more so than traditional methods. This can help streamline processes.
  • Cutting parts. Cutting something with a laser makes for very accurate results. Exact specifications really matter in engineering and manufacturing, so I laser is the perfect way to cut parts down to size. They will often be used to cut parts for machinery.
  • Marking of components. Parts in factories are often marked so that they will be traceable, especially if they are going on to be sold by global organisations. Lasers can be used to make marks in various materials.