Is manufacturing a good career choice presently?

If you are asking this question, you are not alone. Manufacturing is a highly valued industry, yet it is often very misunderstood. Like many, when you think about manufacturing, you may think about a nine to five job in a factory setting. You may think that anyone willing to work can get a job in the field. Manufacturing requires great skill, thought, precision, and creativity. It requires extensive training and education. Its workers are on the cutting edge of technology and are producing some of the most advanced goods today. The future of manufacturing is here, and it is attracting aspiring innovators, designers, mathematicians, machinists, engineers, and technologically driven minds to take the next step in their careers.

Manufacturing has generally moved away from the hazardous workplace settings of the past to some of the most high-tech, clean and green facilities out there today. Safety standards are a high priority for modern employers, and automated processes are making manufacturing work much safer and efficient.

Today’s manufacturing technology is more advanced than ever before. If you choose a career in manufacturing, you may work with 3D printers, state-of-the-art laser cutters, milling and turning machines. There is plenty of opportunity within the field to progress if that is what you want so while production and assembly lines are one job path you can pursue, there is so much more to manufacturing than you might expect.