Is it worth paying extra for branded tools?

If you are a self-employed trades person then you will often have to buy your own tools to work on a job. Tools can be very expensive with the average trades person having tools worth a couple or thousands of pounds upwards.

There are a number of places where you can buy tools from, depending on what trade your in. You may have a specific manufacturer that you prefer such as Makita or DeWalt. These makes of tools are far most expensive that shops own brands but are they worth the extra? Most trades people will tell you that often you get what you pay for – buy cheap buy twice! This is not always the case but usually you can very quickly work out which items you can buy cheaper versions of and which you need to real deal. For example, you may find that you can buy replacement blades for a cutting saw at a fraction of the cost of the genuine ones but don’t last anywhere near as long.

If you do have a decent haul of tools and equipment always make sure that you have a valid insurance policy to cover you.