How AI is changing the world of manufacturing

AI which stands for Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent in our society. Computers are being used in a number of different industries to take over or assist the role that previously a human would of done. In the world of manufactures, AI is massive. More and more companies are turning to computers and robots to take over manufacturing processes due to the many advantages they have.

One of the main advantages the AI have in the manufacturing industry is cost. The initial cost of a machine or robot may be quite high but once this has been paid for, unlike a human they do not require a salary, holiday pay and benefits. As long as they are maintained they may run for years without costing the company much money at all. Another added bonus of using AI in manufacturing is that often they are more precise. There is no risk of human error as they are set to do a job exactly the same every time and that is what they do. Some would argue that this is also a disadvantage as they are not able to easily spot something that looks or sounds wrong like a human many be able to.

Over the years it is very likely that we will see more and more companies using AI over humans for manufacturing processes. It is likely that job roles will evolve and people that used to work in manufacturing making parts ect will now be maintaining the machinery that does the job they used to.

When using AI you can also record and extract a lot of important data. This data can then be analysed and used to make improvements. This information can be very valuable to a business. AI has really come in to its own during the pandemic when lots of factory’s have had to limit the number of people they have working or have found that they have had lots of staff off ill. Even when the workforce wasn’t allowed in the factories, many have still been able to keep going by using AI to do the jobs. For some this is a scary thought as they worry that robots and AI will slowly phases out the need for humans, but humans will always have advantages over AI such as emotions that are needed in certain job roles and will never be replaced.