The Value and Purpose of the Control Panel

On nearly every electronic device, the one feature that improves usability is the front panel. The front panel usually contains the control panel, which is a metal face plate that contains indicator lights, push buttons, and toggle switches that help the user run the device. All electronics manufacturers need to…


Finding Investment for Your Invention

You’ve had a brilliant idea. You’ve designed it and had some prototypes made up. It looks perfect and you’re sure that you’re going to be able to achieve a lot with it. But how are you going to fund production? Cash flow is a problem faced by many inventors –…


New Improved Features Of The Mimic Display Panels

When it comes to display charts and the likes in different industries, one has to admit that there advancement of technology that will ideally replace mimic panels is not available. Due to this fact, the importance of having a working direct representation of what is on the ground is important….

The Process of Selling Your Invention

Once you’ve come up with an idea for an invention, you need to start thinking about the bigger picture and your final aims. What it ultimately comes down to is this one question: are you going to be able to sell it? You need to be manufacturing products which will…


Help for Inventors: Graphic Design Engineering Services

Dreaming of new products is fun, but the work needed to bring them to market is less enjoyable. Marketing an invention means convincing hard-headed business people that they can make a profit from selling it to wholesalers, retailers and ultimately the consumer. This takes a formidable array of facts, from…