Bounce Imaging Explorer

Out of Boston, Bounce Imaging has developed a revolutionary tool specifically for soldiers, police, fire fighters and all manners of emergency responders.

The Bounce Imaging Explorer has 6 cameras in a rubber ball that is a similar size to a baseball.It has a range of sensors to not only beam images back but also data about air quality and temperate which is going to be great for fire services and emergency services.

This gadget is to be thrown into area of conflict or uncertainty to capture images and wirelessly transmit the signal back to the receiver. This signal can be sent directly to a tablet or smart phone for ease of integration.

Not only can this device save lives but it can revolutionise and help solve crimes in many different ways. Bounce Imaging have not released the product yet as the developers still claim the product is in prototype stages. Though when it comes on the market is looking to range from $1000-$3000 for the military grade specification.